Other Services

  1. Anesthesia – All our major procedures are offered with anesthesia. Both Drs. Chhabra and Chang are board certified Anesthesiologists, in addition to being board certified in Pain Medicine. We also have CRNAs that work with us to provide anesthesia.

  2. Non-opiate Medication Management – There are many different medications that are used to treat chronic pain. These include NSAIDs, steroids, anti-epileptic (anti-seizure) drugs, muscle relaxers, and neuropathic agents, amongst others. Topical medications, such as compounded pain creams, are also used to treat chronic pain. One, or more, of these medications may be prescribed to meet your individual treatment needs.

  3. Opiate Medication Management – Although opiate pain medications have numerous side effects, the physicians of The BPC understand there is an important role for the use of opiates to manage pain. We do not believe that opiates should be the primary or sole treatment for any pain condition. Rather, they should be used in the smallest doses necessary in addition to other non-opiate medications, procedures, therapy, surgery, and counseling. We believe in a true multi-modal approach to manage your pain. We also aim to comply with the standards set by national pain societies, the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, and the 2016 CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opiates for Chronic Pain.

  4. Psychotherapy/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Our licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Heisler provides these services to help patients focus on non-pharmacological (alternative to medications) methods to help treat chronic pain and its associated symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc.). Dr. Heisler also performs psychological evaluations for consideration of placement of spinal cord stimulators or to evaluate patients who are having trouble with their pain treatment.