It is the mission of the physicians and staff of 
The Birmingham Pain Center to truly care for our patients. 
We are dedicated to treating the whole person, because 
the whole person suffers when pain persists. 
Through excellence of medical management, 
careful administration of procedures, 
medical education to patients, staff, and community, 
attention to the psychological causes and effects of pain, 
and sensitivity to social, family and spiritual issues associated with pain, 
all while maintaining the highest professional standards 
possible for compliance, safety and privacy, 
we will cure when possible, and treat otherwise 
to reduce, control and alleviate pain. 
May God help us to help them.

Dr. Michael Gibson has a long-standing concern for patients in chronic pain. Dr. Gibson treated hundreds of patients who suffered from chronic pain despite having undergone surgery, as well as those with inoperable conditions, during his clinical fellowship in neurosurgery. Deeply affected by the suffering of these patients, Dr. Gibson researched the possibilities for pain relief and realized that the best way to effectively treat the complexities of chronic pain is with a multidisciplinary team approach, based in a pain center where physicians from different specialties work together to meet the needs of patients with chronic pain. This approach is comprehensive, interventional and holistic, treating all the psychological and emotional problems associated with chronic pain, in addition to the physical symptoms. His goal is to alleviate suffering and improve patients' quality of life. On August 1, 1995, Dr. Gibson partnered with Dr. Jay Heisler, who specializes in psychological testing, therapy and counseling related to chronic pain, and the two doctors realized their vision in The Birmingham Pain Center (The BPC).

The original small clinic, located on Southside, proved too small to handle the large number of patients suffering chronic pain who sought the doctors' care. In 1999, The BPC moved to expanded clinical space on Valleydale Road. Today, The BPC is in new offices at 7500 Hugh Daniel Dr. Suite 300, Birmingham.

With the success of The BPC in alleviating the suffering of patients in chronic pain, additional physicians joined the team. Dr. Wayne Gossman joined The BPC in 1998, bringing his professional expertise in psychiatry, further advancing psychological/medical chronic pain management.

Over time, The BPC has continued to expand its services. For patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, hyaluronate injections have provided 6 to 18 months relief of knee pain. Interventional diagnostic services such as discography and myelography are available. Radiofrequency therapy has been expanded to include the latest pulsed-therapy techniques, safely enabling long acting nerve blocks for virtually any type of nerve pain.

Through the caring staff of The BPC, thousands of patients just like you, who had resigned themselves to lives of chronic suffering, have had the quality, dignity and mobility of daily life returned to them. At The BPC, we treat the whole person because the whole person suffers when pain persists. With excellent medical management, appropriate therapy, a caring staff, and recognition and attention to the psychological, social, family, and spiritual issues associated with chronic pain, patients at BPC recover their lives and sense of well-being. At The BPC, our team of physicians, nurses, and staff are committed to reduce, control and alleviate chronic pain.